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Blood Lake

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And Hello 2007 Dec. 14th, 2007 @ 11:01 pm

My goodness it’s been a while hasn't it. Not entirely sure why I grew out of posting in life journal. Though I have to admit I never really seemed to have anything to talk about.
Since I last Posted I've moved from my wonderful home in California, to the awful state of Utah.
Well ok, the place its self it not really that bad. But the people in it... well... moron. All of them, and that kinda mean allot coming from me.


Haa haa, I’m rather amused. I picked a very bad day to start typing in my livejournal again. Its not been a comfortable day for me, I’m pretty tired, and very depressed, not been out of this house other then for work at my job Staples since October when I went to California to visit my friends. I get to go again in January though, so that makes me pleased.


Been spending most of my life on Gaia. And with my two good friends that I met on that site, RPing a lot and watching a lot of Transformers, I’m very content with my life <3


Well not very inspired to say much more <3 so I suppose I will update again when I can ^__^ hopeful I’ll stick around more <3 later.
Current Location: Layton Utah *vomits*
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Just To Make Me Happy... Casue I Need It Feb. 13th, 2006 @ 05:51 pm

LOL. this picture makes me laugh. he's looking down at a bomb by his feet that is about to go off. its blows in his face and burns his skin pretty bad... even blows his pretty little beard off XD silly Mr. Hooper...
dun worry. it does not kill him... he died later T_T

John trying to think of a name for the Wraith XD BOB

Steve pouting... he ish very very hungry.

Gosh... he is so elegent.
Tis Steve again.

He does not want your pitty!

T_T but I will still weep for him.

heh. Ronon being man handeld by some Wraith. they just found out that Ronon can no be fead on. aparently they don't like that.

Bob wun tell you Nuffin!

Gordon must have been huuuungry to start feeding in the middle of a fight XD

... so this is what it would be like to go out with a Wraith.... 0.o
don't know who this wraith is. never seen the episode... but damn he's pretty. he has pink in his hair! I think i'm ganna like him!

well Ambur just called... nope. we can't hang out -_- GRRR I really wanted to go...
well i need to get out. I'm callin Greg!
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I... Don't... Give... A... Flying... Fuck. Feb. 13th, 2006 @ 05:12 pm
Well I guess I might just be a liiiiitle over due for an update don’t ya think? No sorry this time… cause I’m really not. Plus who really reads this anyway.

Well I have long since gotten my X-men evolution DVDs. And I got the second season, just waiting for the third and fourth season to come out… it they ever do.
Finished off my Batman collection by buying the 4th season of the animated series… got the second superman box set. And am now working on Star Trek the original series. As well as thinking about starting a collection of Stargate Atlantis.
Wraith Party!

Happy Mr. Hooper! ^_^~

uh huh. For every obsession I have I MUST have someone to love. Well in this case it turns out to be a whole RACE of monsters ^_^ the Wraith!

Hungry, hungry Jimmy

My Favorite ^_^ Steve.

Jimmy and Steve look exactly alike 0.o

Bob. Short and Sweet… he was a tough one T_T

I dun know the guy in the front but the shorter one in the back is named Darrel ^_^

Ok ok Last one!

GORDON ^_^ I have not seen him in any episodes yet but for some reason I just adore him! ^_^ Nya.

Yes yes my Monster spree -_- get over it. Evil Alien human eaters are sexy.
Ok wait… there is one human in the show I’m googly over.

^_^ Ronon Dex

Any girl that does not find this perfect example of the male human race attractive is odiously blind and or completely STUPID!

..ok ok I’ve got a thing for Dreadlocks >.< only of course if they are taken care of ^_^

I finaly finished watching all of Star Trek Next Gen. Its awesome.
I’m recording Deep Space nine episodes and just falling in love with that show. People say its back but I really like it. ^_^ Elim Garak the Cardassian on the station is my favorite in that show.

^_^ I love Sci-fi

Ambur is supposed to be calling me later… we are probably going to out to Best buy or Frys so she can put in an application to work there. ^_^ I hope she gets that job.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I’m indifferent to this holiday now. sure it would be great to get Chocolates, but I don’t want the whole relationship thing that goes with it >.< so I just image all my little crushes from the shows I watch giving me chocolates and roses ^_^ in my minds its real! This year Steve will be the one to give me the black rose! Last year it was Skurai. *heart*
XD I’m so twisted.
But I’m ganna go over to Starbucks in the evening to hang out with Tony ^_^ that should be fun.

Moony is coming down soon ^_^ on the 16th I believe. I’m not sure who is going to pick her up. I think its mike, I want to go but I’m not sure if they want me to. I will try calling me and asking, but if not I will just wait to see her when she gets here ^_^

My Art is still getting better. I’m happy with the progress but I still have a loooooong ways to go. I have to work on inking, and I need to learn how to do folds and shading… maybe even backgrounds. I’m more confident with Males. And I’m a little better at Females. I need a lot of work on my monsters and animals. -_- But I’m working on it.

Ok I’m tired of this. I’m ganna go watch something… hopefully Ambur will call soon… or that she would be able to hang out with me at all. It would be kind of annoying if I waited all this time for her to call as say her mom said no…. *sigh* …. I’m tired.
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Shree is hearing: Enya

Miss The Shree? Oct. 3rd, 2005 @ 01:30 am
Holy Fug Nuts. 0.o Shree has not updated in a long time T_T Shree is sorry.
Well things have been good for me. I’m getting tired of Babysitting -_- and that’s really not good when you baby-sit everyday for about 5 to 6 hours a day 0.<
I love the kids, don’t get me wrong here. It’s just after about 5 years of babysitting… you kind of want a break T_T

My Art has been improving, slowly but surely. My sister is amazed on how well I have been developing… and when Emily is impressed… well… lets just say she is THE MOST picky person when it comes to art and writing 0.0 *twitch*
But then I guess that’s why I have been improving so nicely.

I bought the first season of X-men Evolution on DVD… its being shipped to me now.
X-men have to be the only Marvel creations I like… I’m more of a DC girl ^_^ I like my Super Heroes to be HEROS. Not self absorbed little Pussys.
But Like I said… I love X-men. It’s all about Kurt and Todd, ((Nightcrawler and Toad)) Kurt is just amazing and Todd cracks me up… and I like people who make me laugh. That the big reason I love the Joker so much. AAHAHAHAH I laugh…. 0.o

I’m over tired now… all Week I was either babysitting or helping my friend Ambur pack for there move to another house, well either that or play Sims 2 with her XD
This weekend was more work; I helped them move their stuff to their new house, which rocks by the way. They have a pool XD WOOT!
Ambur and I were the first to sleep in the house. We stayed up really later watching X-men two and dancing like idiots to Lorenna McKennitt XD well not only Celtic… we had some Froggy Mix and… other stuff I can’t remember at the moment T_T I’m tired.

Well Shree is off to bed… maybe I can fit in an episode of Star Trek: Next Generations in before I go to bed. I’m on the third season, my dad is letting me watch all of them ^_^ I Love Data. *heart heart heart heart* its all about Next Generation.

Night night all. *heart and kisses*

~Sister Shree~
Monster's Current Mood: sleepyTime for bed
Shree is hearing: Jungle song: Aqua ((someone made a very funny music vidio))

Aug. 31st, 2005 @ 01:05 pm

my pet!
Other entries
» In Utah
Well peeps, I arrived safely in Utah… SCORE! And I did very well for my first time flying alone… surprisingly I was not worried at all and I did not get lost ^_^ that’s always helpful

Its REALLY nice to see moony Again, I showed her all the drawing I have done. I have improved quite a bit and that makes me HAPPY!
ANYWAY! We got back to her house after being warned against giant Spiders 0.o fortnightly I have yet to see one. After I gave her her birthday gift and put my stuff away we drove down to the eye doctor so she could pick up her glasses, then we ate… IT WAS 2 something in the AFTERNOON AND I HAD NOT EATEN ANYTHING ALLLLLLLL FUCKING DAY! I seriously felt sick. So we went to Pandas and got some Orange Chicken and Chow main… I felt much better after that. Zen we walked over to Barns and Nobles… I bought two more JLA Comics… THEY ROCK!!! One of them has a lot of J’onn in it and the other has THE JOKER! SCORE! That just made my day. We also went to a new age store and saw some really kick arse weapons. THEY HAD SPEARS! WHY the hell can I never find a store in California to sell me a SPEAR! Peachy keen… I did not buy anything there. We went back home and spent hours just Role-playing and drawing and reading my new comics. And listening to Techno… SWEET. T around ten in the evening her friend Ellen came over, we all were going to go to a haunted house but it was closed… so we are going to go another day.
Instead we went to Denny’s… it was fun, but I was starting to get really tired and acting very giddy and silly. We got home at about midnight thirty, and I just crashed… odd I can usually stay up WAY later then that. Meh. Well today we are going to go to the mall and hopefully best buy, then tonight we are seeing The Brothers Grimm… should be good. Update later lovelies, bye.
» Poor Poor City
I learned something about myself last night.
We had to go to a different theater because the ones we usually go to where not showing Batman at midnight. But unfortunately this theater was in a kind of less then nice part of town... I hated it... we had like 2 hours before the movie started and the others wanted to walk around... I hated it.
It smelled like piss, drugs and booze, and the people there look dirty and stupid. One time we where walking down this ramp... and this homeless legless guy was blocking the way, so we had to squeeze past him. He smelled like drugs and rotten sea air. He said hello, and I replied as kindly as I could with a "hi" but I was rather scared.
Ambur, John and I went and walked on the peer, once again we passed some low lives but I ignored them. I was more worried about lousing my fedora in the ocean then anything else really XD. Once we reached the end I was faced with a sight I never enjoyed. It was pitch black, except the water was a dark shifting gray, moving up and down on the horizon...I felt like I was in outer space... and I did not enjoy it in the least. ((For all who don't know... I'm scared on being in the Ocean... with the Big Fish)) I did not enjoy myself there. We walked back and waited inside of the theater. *Sigh* I wish there had been more Batman fans... most everyone there look as if they where only there because they had nothing better to do... I was the only one with a Batman shirt that says "Iama ((Batman logo)) fan" and a Joker card stuck in my Fedora. *Sigh* ah well that’s all right. I enjoyed the movie greatly.
The theater sucked. I'm so spoiled by the Krikorian my sister works at. And this one was to big and old and dirty ((icky)) and it was FREEZING! they had the air conditioning on and I was freezing my ass off. For half the movie I was try to keep warm and shivering. but I have to say it added a nice affect for when they where in China and fighting in the snow and ice XD

I was stoked about the movie... at the end all I could do was stand up and just scream and rant on how good it was to my friend... who completely agreed. then we walked out... to find that Senpie’s car was missing ((crap)) it was one of the new mustangs to... so the first thought was "Crap... someone stole it" but luckily that was not the case... it got toed... and that’s pretty bad to 0.o but better then being stolen ne?
So we drove home with Ambur and John. Talked about the movie and how many awesome characters where in it... and how most to all of them where really handsome/cute ((like that little boy ^_^ YEEE he was so adorable))

I was happy to get home. I’m more sheltered then I first thought I was... teh... hey, I'm happy being a goody goody. Its a safe life, and I won't make myself look like an idiot when I go out and get drunk *snort* but I was scared last night.
I went to the midnight snowing for Batman Beginings... with Ambur, Sean, Emily, and Amburs dad John. IT WAS SO AWSOME! we ALMOST had the whole theater to ourselves... in a way it was kind of sad but the movie TOTTALY keaped me hooked.

IT WAS AWSOME. the style was amazing, at first I was not sure i was going to like the look of the city or Batman or even his new car... but fuck all of that it was ALL AWSOME. Batman looked so dark and spooky and Sexyer then he should have been 0.o when they first showed him in the full costume I was like 0.o... ok that was hot.
and to my GLEE they had a villain in it. one of my persinal favorets as well. The Scarecrow. at first i did not realive that it was Doc. Crain... i have a bad habbit in not paying attention to names. but once he pulled out his mask i freak and grabbed ambur and shook her around for a bit hissing "OH MY GOD ITS SCARECROW" of cource she was shocked it did not realize it before >.< well from what i have seen of Doc. Crain was a puny little weainy man... and in this movie... well he was down down right HOT.

then of cource there is... crad i forgot the name of the actor >.< but he played as Qui-Gon Jin in star wars... and in this he was... forgot the characters name >.< SORRY! i should know this stuff. i always loved that actor.

they did a good job chooseing a batman for this one... the thing about batman is that he also has to be a good Bruce Wayne. at first he was alittle whiny and pathetic... but he really turned around and became a good guy ^_^ WOOT

this has to be the first loveintrest I did not HATE! she was awsome! and in the end! she turned him down! YOU GO GIRL!... but then again ARE YOU NUTS! YOU HAD BATMAN IN YOUR GRASP!!!! BATMAN!!! ah well..

i have babysitting to do now... i want to see the movie again this weekend after all my babysitting is done. i will update tonight... fix some stuff and finish talking about this AWSOME MOVIE!
» Nap time break
well Gabe went down for a nap... so i got some free time to write in my journal...

my gosh was he tired, when i put him down for quiet time he ushualy takes a half and hour to fall asleep... but this time it was only five minuts 0.o he was crying and just being angry on the way home from the book store. he must be happy to finaly be sleeping.

I got the three seasons on batman... its awsome ^_^ and there is so much Joker in it ^_^ wee

oops gabe is up and i have to make lunch. bye
» 0.o Egad
I just saw the worst movie in human history 0.o Alone in that dark had potential to be good... yet they manage to totally fuck it up... then again it was made by the Germans... and you can't expect anything good to come from them... except for food... art stuff and Chocolate ((best chocolate in the world))
The monsters where awesome... And the only reason I got the movie was to see the monsters... but they where very low intelligence... damn if I was one of those monsters I would go into that small battle using all four of my limbs... using my tail to chop of like 5 heads in a row... but NOOO they take forever using ONE claw on ONE guy! While like five more are shooting at it *rolls eyes* its a shame to see a monster movie turn out so bad.

And ALOT of it was just a copy of the Alien movies... ALOT OF IT! Oh my fucking god! The monsters where called "Xenos" ... humm what does that sound like? Oh. right. "XENOMORPH"! And there was one part where the guy turns around and the monster head is right there... but DRIPPING in drool and he turned around and there is another... that was stolen from AVP... its bullshit. If you going to copy stuff from good movies... you movie better be fucking GOOD!
Damn them German movie makers _
After a while it was just funny. Senpai Emily and I just started making fun of stuff… we where cracking up threw half of the movie. But hey its cool they had Paranormal Investigators. I wanna be a Paranormal Investigator T_T

*Sigh* I bet you anything I am PMSing

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